Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

When Singaporeans Elise and Brad came over to visit, first thing we did was take them around the metro. We took them to Greenbelt 5, hoping for a great lunch (which turned out quite bad). Anyways after eating "blah" food at some fancy-shmancy restaurant, we trooped down to the nearest dessert place to wash out the bad flavor from our lunch. Good thing Max Brenner was just a few steps away so we didn't think twice and went inside.

Elise couldn't believe what she saw the moment we got inside- a huge barrel of chocolate! According to her, they don't have that kind of display in their Max Brenner branches in Singapore. We sat down, and went straight to business. Yes, yummy desserts!!

On our table:

Crunchy Dessert Pizza

I'm actually not sure if I got the dessert's name right. I was too busy swooning over the hefty amount of chocolate heehee :p

Can you see how much chocolate, rice krispies, and M&M's were placed on this treat?? This is ultimate heaven! When I took a bite, there was a surprise layer of melted marshmallow. Talk about gooey and crunchy at the same time.

Chocolate Obsession

This dessert is FULL of chocolatey goodness! Three layers of chocolate mousse (dark, milk, and white) topped with dark chocolate crumbs and a side of cocoa and milk drizzle.

It's soooooooo good, but beware of its sweetness level!

S'mores Cake

I didn't get to try this one but with the looks of it, it's pretty tasty.

Chocolate Souffle

Brad and Elise ordered this one. I got to try this dessert way back, and its one of Max Brenner's best (for me). Chocolate lava mini-cake with sides of milk & cream and raspberry sauce. Totally delish!

We were all happy that afternoon. Even if we had crappy food for lunch, at least we got awesome treats for dessert!


  1. Oy! Ok pics ah! Pwede ka narin food blogger!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. As a food blogger, I will just eat and eat and eat! LOL

  3. I'm on a strict diet now, and you made my life harder. Hahaha! Nice photos, Trixie!

  4. The lava cake looks SO DELICIOUS.

  5. Thanks, Dang! Desserts are soooo irresistible, right? :P

  6. Omg i didn't know you have a blog! Great photos hehehe! Come to SG soon so we can host you!

  7. thanks babe! I'm planning to go there next year!!! :D

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