Runaway by Kanye West

After the big hullabaloo during the VMA's last year with Taylor Swift, Kanye West decides to step it up and shows his rockstar swag. Along with his new album entitled My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Mr. West created a film about his return to the spotlight. The short film features all of the songs included in Kanye West's new album. Hitmakers Rihanna, John Legend, Alicia Keys, Kid Cudi, Jay-Z, Bon Iver, and Beyonce Knowles are also part of the new album- and can be heard on the 40-minute film! VS Angel Selita Ebanks also plays a part in the film.

I'm a big Kanye babe so I'm biased if I say that this film is awesome. Well, it really is! Selita has a perfect pack of boobage, which girls will totally envy and boys... Let's just say that this can be part of their "bedtime" movies. The phoenix costume worn by Selita was handcrafted by Phillip Lim. Definitely pure love! Wish I can have one made for me and wear it for this upcoming Halloween.

Good job, Mr. West! Another great craft done! Truly, your swag is so one hundred million trillion.

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