The Social Network pt.1

Facebook has been a big part of my daily life (and I bet yours too) so I got so excited when Sorkin and Fincher teamed up to create a flick about the social networking website. Of course, we didn't pass up on the chance to share the movie of the year to the bloggers. Yes people, The Social Network IS the movie of the year!

The private screening was made possible by:


and PLDT. By the way, they now have a new product that's called Modem+WiFi. It eliminates the need for routers! They offer it for a very affordable price, so I recommend you to get one for yourself.

Setting up the whole event was pretty tedious and tiring. But of course, all the hardwork paid off!

Me and Dani

Another thing that got me excited about this whole shebang is the bloggers! YAY! Srsly, my love for bloggers is growing oh-so-fast. No chos here! That's why I'm really pushing myself to meet all the 9,000+++ bloggers on our network. (HAH goodluck)

Too bad not all the bloggers were able to attend because of the typhoon. I hope I could meet you all on the next screening- which is VERY VERY VERY soon!

What I wore during the busy busy day:

(Forever21 pullover and socks, American Eagle shorts, Accessorize ring, H&M layer necklace and satchel, Zara wedge heels)

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