Boot Camp

Having been popularized during the early 50's, desert boots are now crawling back on the top shelf of the trend cabinet. Desert boots were then worn by scruffy men in faded bottoms. Now, these rusty yet stylish boots are being worn by men and women!

Desert boots give a boho touch to any outfit that you wear. Desert boots are best paired with cuffed slim pants and crisp button shirt- very iconic! But since a lot of people are getting chic-er and chic-er each day, desert boots are now worn with a varied match of clothes.

Here are some of my desert boot picks!

Dr. Martens x Stussy Desert Boot - Another great collab from the iconic Dr. Martens! The popular street brand Stussy paired with the hard-boot producing company to create an easy-breezy classic with edgy pop colors. Too bad they only make sizes for men!

Clarks Originals Desert Boot - Clarks is known for making quality desert boots. They recently revived their original line of desert boots that are now selling like hotcakes in the market. The signature suede and distressed crepe sole of these boots are to die for!

Clarks Vintage Sand Boots and Topshop Alpine Boots

I've been planning to get myself a pair but time forbids me so! I am promising to myself that I will get one this weekend. I'll snap and share it when I get my own soft suede desert boots!


  1. I like the colors on the Dr. Martens x Stussy Desert Boot. Sucks that it's only available for men. :(

  2. I know! But the small sizes might fit us, I hope! :D