Chocolate Fire

During my internship last year, we'd walk around the streets of Salcedo Village and always see the Chocolate Fire signage mounted but the restaurant is always closed. Finally after quite some time, I got a chance to try the restaurant that most foodies have been raving about. I've always wanted to try their dessert roster, since the name of the place suggests scrumptious treats to chocolate lovers- like me!

Chocolate Fire is located right smack at the corner of L.P. Leviste and V.A. Rufino. It's one of the most strategic place to build a restaurant if you want people coming in and out at any given hour.

The color palette of Chocolate Fire's interiors are very warm. The design had a play of strong red and white hues with wood installations and accented the whole place with black couches. You will really get a feel like you're on "fire"!

The restaurant crew set a place for us on their second floor. It was lovely, with the area having love seats and the wash room was located on the same floor.

Finally, it was time to chow!

We had Italian bread with fine Parmesan cheese

mixed greens with cold cuts

Cheese Panini

Spaghetti Marinara

and Pesto Pasta.

The food was alright. I wasn't expecting something grandiose with its taste since I know that Chocolate Fire's specialty is desserts. It would have been an extra thumb up for them if they had a yummy selection of pastas.

After the usual course, we were served Hot Chocolate with our choice of milk or dark. I chose dark and asked the waiter for an additional swirl of whipped cream to neutralize the bitter taste. I instantly took a sip, and went straight to happy chocolate heaven! IT WAS SO GOOD. I even helped myself with two more mugs of dark hot chocolate! I recommend you to try it! I think, even non-chocolate lovers would like this drink- it's that good!

After the warm happy mugs of chocolate drinks, the waiters came in with more... CHOCOLATE! They brought chocolate fondue, chocolate truffles, and chocolate barks to our table. First one I tried was the chocolate fondue.

The fondue was served in a plate full of strawberries, fluffy marshmallows, varied nuts, dried fruit, and fresh bananas with a generous serving of dark chocolate and milk chocolate on top of water-filled ramekins.

Since I don't like bananas (err don't even ask!) I immediately poked the strawberry and gave it a whirl on the dark chocolate sauce. Mmmmmm super heavenly. The owner, Coby, suggested that we try to put a chocolate bark on top of the ramekin when the fondue sauce runs out.

Next up were the truffles. When I popped them inside my mouth one by one, it was like a hell of a party! Literally, I was speechless because of the taste. It was superb. No, it was awesome! Each truffle truly deserved a heartfelt "Mmmm..".

Now, who wouldn't resist this soft, gooey, and dusty chocolate-y goodness?

The last one that I tried are the chocolate barks. On the platter that they served, there were four kinds of chocolate- dark chocolate with dried fruit, dark chocolate with nuts, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate with chili. Among the four, I loved the dark chocolate with chili. It had the right blend of dark cacao with a lingering taste of spicy chili. For this one, I can say that it's an acquired taste.

The chocolate variants available at Chocolate Fire are worthy of traveling to Salcedo! It's a great place to cap off a dinner night on a weekend. Drop by the place and let yourself enjoy the goodness that chocolate brings!

*Thanks to Carlos for the photos!

Chocolate Fire

G/F PDCP Building Leviste Street corner Rufino Street, Salcedo Village
Makati City

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