Retail Of The Moment: Pierre Hardy Circle Platform Sandal

Pierre Hardy is known for creating bold designs and high platforms. His heels are very popular with the celeb crowd!

One of his contemporary designs that wow-ed my senses is the Circle Platform Sandal.

This pair of peep toe platform sandal is made of velvet embedded with circles in colours of gray, blue, orange, green, and black – all elevated with a 4.7 inch heel.

What I love about this sweet pair of heels is that the circles look like bubbles! They can be greatly matched with any wardrobe color. Plus, there's a peacock patch! Peacock design always gives an outfit an additional cutesy accent.

Look, even Leighton Meester loves her Pierre Hardy Circle Platform Sandals!

The Pierre Hardy Circle Platform Sandal is available in all Barney's stores in New York, NY.

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