Richest Dessert In Town

I got a chance to satiate my fluffy tummy with the richest, tastiest, and yummiest dessert I've had here in Manila (next to that Coffee Creme cake in NY). When I had my first bite, I went straight to chocolate heaven and back!

Called Louis XV, this dessert is served at Enderun Campus' Restaurant 101. This small rectangular block of goodness (I'm not exaggerating, it's very true!) consists of wafer layers, hazelnut cream, and moist chocolate chiffon smothered with rich ganache and garnished with gold leaves.

Once you get hold of the Louis XV, each bite will remind you of the famous Ferrero Rocher chocolate covered with more ... chocolate! What makes Louis XV more interesting other than its taste is that the only other place you can avail this is at La Louis XV at Monaco. And it comes with a price tag of 15-20 Euros. Eeeek!

Good thing you can order this dessert at Restaurant 101 with an easy-on-the-pocket price of Php 220. Not bad for a glittery dessert bar!

I'm going back to Restaurant 101 for lots of Louis XV serving. Go try it now, and tell me your Louis XV experience!



  1. so yummy it looks although am not a great person for desserts.

  2. Louis XV is somewhat similar to the Dome of Trinoma which we recently tasted. It's also got a hazelnut "nutella"mousse inside and covered with dark chocolate ganache which is soooo yummy. i also love the Chocolate Banana Brulee of Versailles in Greenwich CT, which is also one of my top favorites.