Wild About Retail's Bangkok Cheatsheet

One of the toxic things in life is making a vacation itinerary. You bombard your head with so many questions- how to squeeze in everything in just a couple of days, where to stay, where to go, what to do, WHAT THE HELL. But some people (me!) just looooove making trip itineraries because it's a way of learning more about the place that you're going to, and not just the usual touristy stuff.

So here's a short cheatsheet for those going to Bangkok for the next couple of months!


1. A cab from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Sukhumvit area costs around THB 180-200. Toll is around THB 25-30, and Airport Taxi surcharge is THB 50. Big cabs (Avanza, etc.) charge more than usual sedan cabs. We took an Avanza cab to Sukhumvit and the meter went as high as THB 600.

2. Take the MRT and BTS as much as possible. No traffic jams, plus there are A LOT of pretty girls (I'm sure they're legit) riding the train. You can get squished like a sardine, though.


3. The rush period in Bangkok at night is around 730-830pm. (Sorry we always got up late haha) There's always moderate-heavy traffic along New Petchaburi Road. ALWAYS.

4. Walking is good for the heart, so walk around the city at night like a rockstar. I think it's 80% safe to walk at Bangkok city streets. Well, we didn't encounter any mishaps.. except for that time when a motorcycle flipped 180 infront of us.

5. Retail/designer brands are more expensive in Bangkok than in Manila, so I suggest you get your retail fill here in PH. But if you really want to buy brands in BKK, visit during the Amazing Thailand Grand Sale which falls mid-June until end of August.

6. Local pieces in Bangkok are very very very very affordable. They're all over Platinum Fashion Mall. Some of them are also in Chatuchak Weekend Market, but the prices there are a bit different.

7. If you want to stay near the shopping malls/area, find a hotel at Siam, Pratunam, or Ratchaprasong.

8. The best meat ball noodle soup (for us) is at Platinum Fashion Mall Food Court, Booth P17. Costs only THB 40-50!

9. Try Pepper Lunch at Central World. SOOOOOO GOOOD! And affordable :)

10.  Even though McDonald's, Burger Kind, and KFC are yummy, try to eat as much Thai food as you can. They have so much good food you shouldn't miss!


Just some of the tips I have in mind right now. If you have any questions, just comment away! You can also share your Bangkok tips :)



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  1. I love stopping over in Thailand, especially Bangkok. Friendly people and great tasting food. Great Tips