Date Your Girl Best Friend

Date a girl who is your best friend. Date a girl who knows you from head to foot, even until your hair turns gray. Ask her out in the most surprising yet convincing way, so that she won’t turn down the chance to make a sweet story for the books. Never fail to remember that dating her entails a big risk- if it turns out bad, you might not get your best friend back.

Well, a girl and a boy can never be “just best friends” right?

Date a girl who is your best friend. You can tell her anything and everything in the solar system without hesitation; she will not judge you. If she burps out loud in front of you, don’t judge her. Even if you two do fistbumps, make her feel like a princess. Whisk her away to her favorite dinner place and watch her eat like a football player. When she looks at you, smile and wipe off the sauce on the side of her lip.

Don’t be afraid to be a cheeseball. She will surely punch you for delivering sucky pick-up lines but it will make her squeal inside her heart. Let her know that she’s the most beautiful girl for you, but only if you mean it. Remember, she’s your best friend – she will know if you’re lying or not.

Give her flowers when she least expects it. Bring her to her favorite band’s concert, and kiss her when her favorite song plays – even if her favorite song is Slipknot’s Bodies. Hold her hand in front of your other friends, and then tease her for being so boyish. Give her your favorite shirt. If it’s twice her size, it’s okay – she’ll happily wear it when she goes to sleep every night.

Date a girl who is your best friend. If you feel the need to cross that line, go ahead. It might be the biggest and life-changing leap you will take during your lifetime. Go ahead and take a risk.

Oh, and don’t forget:
Date her first, good. Date her last, better. Date only her, awesome.

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