I need a soft launch!

I've been a Sperry fan ever since I started walking. I'd often wear my dad's boat shoes and fall around the house because my feet were insanely tiny (then). I thought I was so fasyon already- me in my cartoony playclothes plus my dad's neat Topsiders. Never thought that boat shoes would always be on style!

To reminisce the good ol' days, I slipped on my very own pair of Sperry's today to match my striped white shirt and cutoff denims. I had to get them from a kids shoe store, even though my feet are crazy long and thin.

Anyways, The Shala Girl is now on Tumblr! Sorry for the announcement delay but I have been busy with so many things (shipping boxes, work, etc.) that all I could do was change the layout of this blog. So from now on chicas, The Shala Girl will be blogging here and there! I'll try my best to go back to regular programming ASAP. I'm lunging myself to a lot of things (hint: textile) so that I can share a lot of mod chattels!

Here's to the soft launch! LOL maybe I need to do something xxxtra when I get a formal domain!


  1. woooooot! welcome to the world of wordpress :D hehe

  2. Wooooo thanks Jehz! You have miracle hands! :D