ELF brushes

My very first e.l.f item was a concealer given to me by my cousin. At that time, I was so clueless about e.l.f. (and maybe about make-up too :p) Neither did I know the brand nor the shade didn't match my skin. I just nipped the small concealer tube in my make-up "kit" and never really opened it.

Years passed and I was so engrossed about painting my face, and one of my friends recommended me to check Target and look for e.l.f. Then, I remembered I had a teeny tiny stick of e.l.f. concealer hibernating somewhere! Since then, I'd always put e.l.f. on my to-buy list. When I discovered that Watsons carried the cheap-yet-chic brand, I stormed away to the nearest store.

I got myself two brushes:

The Eye Shadow brush is made of Taklon (synthetic fiber). It's really soft on the lids, and good for making smokey eyes.

The Blending Eye brush is also soft, too. It can greatly blend multiple eye shades while giving edges and fine lines a soft touch.

What's great with e.l.f. brushes is that it is unbelievably cheap! Target retails them for about $1.00-3.00 and Watsons carries them for about Php130 (around $2.99)! Of course, the quality doesn't suffer. It's a pretty great buy and definitely something nice to keep inside your make-up brush kit!

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  1. Thanks for this, good suggestion! Will surely buy one for myself..saves me from buying expensive brushes..;-)