Virtual Mae 522 Wedges

(Y.O.U. shirtdress; Forever21 stockings; Virtual Mae 522 wedges)

I'm a huge fan of wedge heels. They give more chunk and height to me yet my feet still feel like they're in heaven. I'm currently on a "wedge-hoarding" phase so whenever I see wedge heels, I'd definitely bag it pronto. So when I heard that Virtual Mae is reproducing 522 wedges, I didn't think twice on purchasing my very own!

The 522 wedge is such a steal. Very light, zip back, plus it's a combination of leather and velvet material. From afar, it looks quite heavy but if you actually try it on, it's just like walking in flip flops!

Virtual Mae offers more that just wedge heels! If you want to see what they have that would make your feet pretty, just visit their Multiply site.


  1. I love wedges! I just bought two pairs from Charles & Keith.

  2. Super comfy to walk on! Charles & Keith have nice shoes. Got my grad shoes from them! :)

  3. wooooot! napadaan lang. hehehe.. ganda ng logo ng blog mo ah. :D

  4. Thank you hehehe napagtyagaan! :))