Meralco Appliance Calculator Launch

Meralco has something great for us, just in time to end 2010 with a bang! Recently, Meralco unveiled their new website look and the new Meralco Appliance Calculator (MAC).

For one whole afternoon, Meralco briefed us about what the Meralco Appliance Calculator (MAC) is and how it works.

The MAC has two features: the Appliance Calculator and the Bill Manager. With the Appliance Calculator, you can compute the specific cost of your appliance when consuming electricity. You can even customize the cost computation by hour, day, week, or month. The Bill Manager lets you have a projection of your possible electricity consumption and cost for the coming months. Also, it provides numerous energy saving tips depending on your input data.

The bloggers were taught how to use the handy MAC for their personal use. Meralco even had a mini quiz bee to test if the bloggers understood the MAC!

The bloggers were really competitive!! Everyone was so engrossed with computing and solving the questions.

After giving away small prizes to those who were very quick with the MAC, style sister Michi and Marie Calica discussed fashion styling tips without going over the budget.

Look how much chic stuff and make-up Michi and Marie brought with them!

Michi and Marie answered all of the bloggers' question about daily wear and special occasion outfits. They also had a mini game! Shen, Hannah, and Andrea were challenged to put together an ensemble that will best fit their chosen black dress. Shen won the Michi Calica bag prize by creating a very chic look with a mix of black and naturals.

THANKS TO THOSE WHO CAME!! Hope you had a great great time ;)


  1. Is this live na?

  2. Yup! You can visit to see the MAC