Content With Negative Temp

Sorry I've been away from the web-sters for a couple of days. I was out of the city to be part of the most awesome celebration down south- SINULOG! I'll be writing about my crazy experience in Cebu Sinulog soon.

Is everyone experiencing the chilly weather in the city? I hope it stays this way forever! But not the rain though, I don't like getting my feet wet with puddle water. Ngrrr

While you're all floating in January's windy state, I'm keeping my skin warm under my snazzy new cardigan. It's not advisable for Spring weather because its material is very very VERY light. But I love it still!

cardigan (Forever 21) | jersey top (Dorothy Perkins) | stockings (Ardene's) | ankle boots (Asian Vogue)

I'm really not sure if my rings match my elephant necklace, but whatevs. My heart ring matches the color of my jersey top!

rings (Accessorize) | elephant necklace (H&M)

Now for my obligatory dork face photo!

P.S.: My trusty snapper Danissa is already far far away in Singapore. I miss her so. But I have a new snapper now!

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