Abby Jocson Erin Tote

During one of my daily online (browser window) shopping, I came across a tagged Facebook photo that had 2 large purses - one red and the other turquoise. I was attracted to the red purse, but I thought I already have a lot of red in my closet. Hoping the purse is available in other colors, I quickly searched the purse maker online.

I felt my heart scream like a Twilight fan when I stumbled upon the bag maker's site; Abby Jocson.

Bag designer Abby Jocson, who previously worked for a local retail brand (Bayo), really dreamed to make a name some day. Translating studies into real work, Abby took a few courses in design school and started producing bags with contemporary designs. Her pieces are targeted to today's career women - effeminate yet headstrong.

What I like about her designs is that they are very diverse, catering to each need of a woman in a purse. Abby Jocson made bags good for work, party, play, and travel- she has everything covered.

I got the beige Erin tote- an everyday purse that can fit a LOT of stuff inside. I always bring a lot of things everyday so I really need spacious bags.

The Erin tote is made of fleather, with antique hardware and tassle detail. It looks very simple but it's soooooo chic! I love using it because I can throw anything inside without me worrying that my items will bulge on the sides.

You can see the collection of Abby Jocson here!


  1. This post reminded me of my Ipa-nima bags from Vietnam but these are tamer lol
    May I ask how much a bag cost?


  2. Hallo! :) I have yet to visit that store in Vietnam!
    This bag is priced Php1,200. The other bags are in the same price range, but Abby Jocson bags don't go as high as 5k