Don't Forget The Inner Pocket!

The local fashion industry right now is shakin' and bakin' because of the Dansen/BOBON/Puey Quinones hullabaloo.

I've been reading threads and pages that stated reactions from all sides. According to PQ's client, PQ was always "too busy" to meet with him and do the fitting. After the suit was delivered to client, PQ charged him Php 30,000 and he paid him for "his" work. Opening the delivered package, client discovered that his custom suit had two labels: BOBON by Puey Quinones, and a DANSEN tag inside the suit's inner pocket. What is Dansen? A brand carried by SM- a PH department store. If you check the dept, Dansen has a retail tag of Php 3,000. Sweet baby J!

While I sit back with my greasy popcorn and regular soda, all I can say is "Teh, ikaw naman kaseeeeeee!"  Hihi.

On another note, I met up with my high school friends last night. Bumped into Monra and talked about biz.

What I wore last night:

cardigan, graphic muscle tee, bodycon skirt, lace socks (Forever 21) | boots (Asian Vogue) | purse (Abby Jocson) | gold rings

My puffy eyes and chicken crown hair is asking for forgiveness from your eyes. I have been so busy and tired because of work and my growing pup.

*Thank you to Carlos for taking my photos. Like the little green men from TS3, I am eternally grateful.