Cake Pops From Starbucks!

Since I was a kid, I always had a thing for sweet stuff- chocolate, candies, lollipops, cakes, icing! I had sweet teeth (not just tooth). Until now, I'm still addicted to food with overflowing sugar. That's why when I learned that Starbucks launched their cake pops, I wanted to try it pronto!

I've been planning to get myself three pop sticks from the nearest Starbucks place, but my butt is too busy to do so. Good thing Phoebe brought me cake pops when she hitched a ride with me! Weee thank you Phoebe-bangs! :P


Basically, Starbucks' Cake Pop is chewy and gooey chocolate cake ball on a stick covered in three different icing flavors: Strawberry, Chocolate, and White Chocolate. Okay, I'm really not sure if these are the accurate names of the flavors. I just guessed them by color.


The Strawberry cake pop is cake covered with strawberry-flavored baby pink icing with mini white candy balls on top. It looks so cute! Of all the three cake pops, this one is my favorite.


The Chocolate cake pop is cake with chocolate icing, rolled with nuts and marshmallows. This one resembles so much of Rocky Road ice cream.


The White Chocolate cake pop is cake covered in white chocolate icing, and drizzled with red sugar bits. This cake pop is too sweet for me, but still tastes yummy.


At first I thought the Cake Pops are just a promo, but it's here to stay! YAY!

I command you to go to Starbucks now and get your fill of cake pops! :)



  1. get get! Super yummy :D

  2. is cute !! i saw it tat day but havent get to try... i wanna try the chocolate cake pop !!!!

  3. the chocolate is good! interesting texture because of the nuts and marshmallows :) try it!