First Ever Spa Cinema Theatre!

Whenever I'm stressed, I'd treat myself to a relaxing massage at my favorite spa. (Hint: they serve the best ginger tea!) I really don't try other places because they're very particular with customer requests- especially mine because I have tickle spots on my feet. If you press the wrong spot, my feet voluntary flies into the air. Once I almost hit a masseuse in the face. True Story.

Anyways when Vince and Hannah invited the Nuffies to Bluewater Day Spa, I was thrilled to go! I was excited to go because I wanted to try a new spa place, and see if they're worth the second visit. A few days before the visit, I learned that we aren't just going to have a massage! We're going to watch a movie... while having a massage! Whuuuut.


When we got to the place, we headed straight to the spa's movie theatre. It looked awesome!

Bluewater Day Spa's movie theatre boasts three rows of La-Z-boy-ish seats and a big screen. It resembles a mini-mall cinema (complete with the green emergency exit sign!) and has a water-print carpet. Makes you feel like your chair is floating on water.


Here's the view of the screen from my seat:


During the middle part of the movie, the masseuse went inside the theatre and gave us a foot massage. BEST WAY TO WATCH A MOVIE! Imagine, watching a cute animation flick while a masseuse is giving you a relaxing foot massage. Yep, it was that relaxing that I didn't kick the masseuse's face. Plus, there's free popcorn!

I give Bluewater Day Spa an awesomesauce thumbs up for their service! They have the first ever spa movie theatre, and they give soothing massages. I highly recommend this place!

Thank you thank you Bluewater Day Spa for accommodating us! And thumbs up to Vince and Hannah!

If you want to make reservations at Bluewater Day Spa Ortigas branch (only this branch has the movie theatre), just call +632 724-0426 or +632 727-8420.



  1. onga eh! di bale next time! :P

  2. Sayang, hindi ako nakapunta nun. Chance pa sana to catch up with the Nuffies :D

  3. Really awesome to watch a movie which being massaged but for me, its enjoying every knead and feeling the pressure point.

  4. its quite new to me (massage while watching a movie)

  5. When I saw this several months back after a normal massage, I was impressed. :)