Retail Of The Moment: Abby Jocson Noelle Tote

Someone got another Abby Jocson tote for keeps!

Well, you can say Potato is the other owner. Haha! A month ago I bought a beige Erin tote from Abby's collection (did I mention it's pure love?). After a few days, Abby sent me an SMS to meet up and guess what?


Abby gave me the Noelle tote!

With the size of 16.5" x 4.5" x 10.5", the Noelle tote is the perfect alternative to your sapped gym bag or frazzled daily purse. Last weekend, I brought this tote to contain all my play clothes for badminton. It fit everything, and even had space for extra stuff!


Resembling the shape of a bowling bag, the tote features a polka dot print on silk with synthetic leather for the handle.

It also has a zipper closure, with small cute circles attached to the zipper.


The Noelle tote is perfect for girls who bring a lot of things! Go and get your own Noelle tote here.

Thank you so much Abby Jocson! :)


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