Military Utility

Busy days are here again, and it has been damaging my eyes, hair, and eating habits!

Well, not really damaging my eating habits. I've been munching at an average of 1 meal every 10 minutes- not kidding. So yes, tough times call for..




Loljk. I just wanted to write something related to what I wore.

military green pocket tee (Forever 21) | lace stockings (H&M) | ankle boots (Asian Vogue) | cocktail ring (Forever 21)



I felt like wearing something that looks tough that day because 1.) it was a head-on day for me; so much work to do and 2.) my closet hanger fell down for the nth time, hence I had to bring 98% of my clothes back to the dryers. These are part of the 2% that survived my closet tragedy.


So there goes my closet tragedy story.

Anyways, tomorrow's Friday. Where are you off to to celebrate the weekend?



  1. love the stockings, so stand out and sexy.

  2. haha! mana lang ako sa mga achi! :)

  3. I looooooooooooove your outfit!!! <3

  4. Hihi thank you darling! <3