Five-minute Walk To Singapore

A few days ago, we trooped down to the nearest Coffee Bean place to seek internet connection refuge. We lost connection on our HQ on a busy day, very great. Good thing Coffee Bean isn't that far.

When I got there, it was like walking to Singapore in just a couple of minutes- True Story.


The "neighborhood" was so clean and had fresh air. I couldn't believe I was right smack in the middle of the bustling Metro Manila. Ok, enough blah. Point is, it felt like I was out of the country! Sharing more photos of the place; you be the judge. Hope you can guess where this is! :)

ruched shirtdress (Cotton On) | stockings (Ardene's) | 522 wedges (Virtual Mae) | random accessories



I even met this cute French Bulldog named Basil. He's so meek!


Really wish the whole metro looked like this place- very calm and relaxing amidst the busy streets!


  1. thank you! the shots were taken by carlos palma! visit his blog: