Here Comes The Sun

Hope you guys aren't getting sick from the fickle weather! It's supposed to be Summer-y on this side of the globe but it feels like it's going to rain.

I think I've been staying inside too much- afraid to get sizzled and burned by the sun. So on the day I decided to skip around, I grabbed my flimsy hat and wore shoes that will keep my feet away from water puddles (just in case it rains.)

Yup, I'm that weird. :D


I looked pretty sunny in my yellow-striped dress. It's actually from a kid's store- hence, the very "playful" color. Yeah, I still fit in kids size 18.

straw trilby (department store) | empire dress (KOB) | lace-up wedges (Forever21)

Have you gone outside and enjoyed the sun lately? :)


Thank you Foodie Manila for the photos!


  1. ang cute cute mo mei mei

  2. thank you jiejie!! Namiss kita kagabi! :)