New Face Of Myra

Recently, Myra launched their new brand endorser. She's very popular on TV soaps; also seen on society magazines paired with her famous beau. Can you guess who she is?


Embodying the brand's vision (which is to project youthful looking skin), Iza Calzado is the newest endorser of Myra. I personally believe that she's very fit to be the face of Myra because 1.) SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL. I can say that 100 times! Apparently, she is also the cousin of Frances. Beauty runs in the genes! 2.) She is flawless- from the tip of her head to the ends of her toes. When God showered the "Flawless" blessing, Iza was outside with a big big bucket. Wish I went outside during that time too! And 3.) She is so graceful. We got a chance to chat with her, and I was surprised that her voice isn't annoying. She moves like an angel, and she's very approachable too!

See how angelic she is!


Good choice, Myra!

What caught my attention is not just Iza's pretty face (and wit), but also her style. During the Myra launch, she wore a Luca dress and belt given to her by Divine Lee, and bright pink Charlotte Olympia pumps. I wanted to steal the shoes on her feet! TDF!

It was a pleasure to meet the Iza Calzado. She's one of the few local celebrities that I truly adore!






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  1. her black gown on that food suppliment commercial,doesn't helped her to look striking.. What if they made the gown more on pastel color.. As happy as the color of that commercial..