La Creperie's French Fare

As a kiddo, I usually spend my afternoons sleeping until the clock strikes 6. Now that I'm already legal to play casino at Vegas, I spend my afternoons lazing around or munching on in-between meal food- in Filipino we call it merienda.

So one afternoon we went lazing around the mall, and craved for something sweet. We stumbled upon this quaint place near the mall's drop-off area.

La Creperie is a small dessert corner at Galleria Mall. The place is reeking of yellow streaks, rococo designs, and French music that makes you feel like you're going to have a legit afternoon tea time.


It's really a lovely place for afternoon snacks, or even brunch! When we got inside, I felt like I was going to have brunch with Blair Waldorf. (lol)


I love that they have throw pillows on their couch. It makes your La Creperie afternoon experience much more comfortable and relaxing.

On La Creperie's menu, they offer a lot of crepes (both salty and sweet) and ice cream variations. They also have several TWG tea flavors available! Look at their rack of TWG tea containers! (plus ze cutesy plates on the wall)


On the table:

Apple Crunch crepe


Mango Hazelnut Chocolate Crepe


Green Tea ice cream


The food is awesome! The Mango Hazelnut Chocolate crepe is my plate and I must say it was very delish- right amount of sweetness and crunch. I'd definitely go back here whenever I feel a lazy afternoon coming up!



  1. you have the cutest logo trix! :)

  2. thank yew thank yew! i like your pink layout! :)

  3. Your post made crave for sweets, T! I hope Galleria is near my place. *sob*

  4. I think they also have a branch in Eastwood! Hope that's near to you :D