What is Mang Juan up to?

Jack N Jill has something new on the supermarket chip racks!!

They're out with a chip label called Chicharron ni Mang Juan. Chicharron ni Mang Juan is Jack N Jill's NO-PORK flavored chicharron chips.

Commercial: If you are wondering why I'm posting an entry about food, it's because I loveeeet. I'm really gonna focus on gaining weight. HAH.

So anyways, the Mang Juan chips have two flavors:

Sukang Paombong


and Suka't Sili


I hope you guys know how to do the "sitting" chip bag thing. Its just so amazing! Just learned it from my drinking pals.

Going back, the Sukang Paombong (Vinegar.. something. I don't know what Paombong is in English!) flavor of Chicharron ni Mang Juan will really tickle your palate with its intense vinegar flavor.

It has a very crunchy texture, quite similar to pork rind that my dad buys from the grocery. If you're craving for hardcore sourness, this flavor is for you!


Now the other flavor, Suka't Sili (Vinegar and Chili) has the same texture with the Sukang Paombong variant, but with a spicy zing.

Now this is my kind of rind! I love the spicy taste, and you can even see it- look at those reddish dots on the chips! This is best paired with booze. No, really.

Go get your own fill at the grocery store nearest you! GOOOOOO.



  1. da best tlga! pwede na xang pang ulam..hehehe

  2. last week bumili aq nang MANG JUAN 24 pcs, (kasi may sari - sari store aq! :D) 2 days lang ubos!!!

  3. it's like marty's crackling?

  4. yup, but better! :)

  5. how do you do the sitting chips bag thing? :)

  6. just push the two bottom edges of the bag in. keep pushing until you form the pack into a bag-like shape and the chip bag can sit! :)

  7. i love your article ;) ive used and linked your article to my facebook page as i was teasing a friend who really loves chicharon ni mang juan!

  8. I am a recent Mang Juan convert, I even wrote about it in my blog, here is the link if you would like to read it


  9. thank you for sharing!