Pond's Flawless White Unbeaten Challenge Party

For weeks, the Pond's Online Beauty Ambassadors went through rigorous trials for the Flawless White Unbeaten Challenge. I wasn't part of it, but I surely saw the rewards of their hardwork! The challenge for the bloggers was to prove that the Pond's Flawless White line is effective, and compare it to their current skin regimen.

To give honor to the efforts of these beauties, Pond's threw a party for them! Woohoo! Well actually, it's also the "announcement" night for the Unbeaten Challenge winners!

Introducing the brand, contest, and contenders is Jacque Yuengtian- Pond's Senior Brand Manager.


Pond's first endorser, Mika Lagdameo-Martinez, graced the event and had a quick run on the catwalk.


The contestants for the Flawless White Unbeaten Challenge are:

Liz and Tanya


Nikki and Sophie


Tara and Dang


Jheng and Shen


Lace and Earth


Reena and Ginger


Martha and Jill


Cathleen and Michelle


Catherine and Rowena (not in photo)


Congratulations to Jheng, Shen, Nikki, Sophie, Reena, and Ginger! You guys deserve all those special awards! :)


Hope Judd tries Pond's Flawless White soon HAHAHA



  1. LOL on Judd's Photo! Future Pond's endorser yan ! hahaha thanks for coming dear and I had a great time with you guys! :)

  2. I hope he gets that miracle from Pond's! Kelangan na nya hahaha! Thanks for having me! I HOPE TO SEE YOU GUYS SOOOOOON! :)

  3. Thank you jie jie i miss you!! :)