The Boulevard Diner Way

I'm the type of girl person who eats too much chicken, SRSLY. I have this love-love relationship with chicken wings. If for every chicken wing I eat I'll grow a feather, I'd be Big Bird by now.

One time I got a taste of Alvin's spicy chicken wings, and I tell you it was love at first bite. So I was ecstatic (x100) when Alvin opened Boulevard Diner- a quaint little Am diner full of juicy burgers and scrumptious wings.

Just a stone's throw away from the Arneyohoww (lol jk sorry), Boulevard Diner is a great place for burgers, wings, and spuds - as seen on their appealing menu. White walls and red accents greet you as you enter the resto. It's actually homey, and you can feel like you're dining in a classic.. diner!


They have crossword puzzles and fun facts about potatoes on their placemates. Plus points to keep kids un-bored!

I like how Boulevard Diner has very bright plasticware. I read from some book that bright plates help boost your appetite. Their plates are mustard-y that it compliments your burgers! I know that's quite weird but you'll get me when you go there and eat.


On the table:

Potato-Cheddar balls and skin fries- both superbly delish! You gotta try the potato cheddar balls, it's a must on your order list.


Gorgonzola burger

Boulevard Diner burgers have thick patties, so expect a lot of beefy goodness in every bite.


Fury wings - BEST. WINGS. EVER. These wings are way way waaaaaay better than all the other chicken wings out there. I guarantee you pure awesomeness in Boulevard Diner's chicken wings. I won't drive all the way up north, if it weren't for this kind of food. Try it. TRY IT.


Oh, and Boulevard Diner has this Diner He-Man Challenge wherein you have to beat the top record in divulging 1 1/2 lbs. of Wings of Hell- the deadliest and spiciest wing sauce they have. If you're up for it, just go to the resto and you might just dine for free!

Now if I made you hungry for burgers, wings, and spuds, head to Boulevard Diner for your fill!


Boulevard Diner

91 Xavierville Avenue, Loyola Heights,

Quezon City




  1. not my fav kind of food but don't mind once a while for a change.

  2. this place looks so cute!

    and those skin fries look delicious - im hungry now!

    nice blog :)


  3. Hello burger queen! haha!
    I wanna go back to Boulevard Diner and try their other burgers! :)

  4. Hello pretty girl!
    Let's go back!! I'm craving for Gorgonzola and Fury wings!! :P~