Crazy Hungry for Boulevard Diner?

When was the last time you went crazy hungry?

Once I was really really REALLY hungry, I ate so many burgers.I wasn't craving for burgers during that time- it was the only available food. So I chowed down one. Tummy not yet satisfied. Chowed the second one, still hungry!

My mouth chomped on and on until I decided to stop because I was on my nth burger. (I won't say how much I ate just to save my face lol) After a few minutes, I wanted to grab some more but I looked down and couldn't see my feet. My tummy was bloated like a preggo! I felt my tummy and I was pretty sure it didn't do it's digestion job fast enough.

Oh by the way if you are eating right now while reading this, please exit your browser. You might throw up in about 2 seconds.

That wasn't exactly how my tummy looked like when I ate a lot of big burgers, but it's the closest photo that I can find. I didn't take a photo of my tummy during my burger incident because it looked horrible. Like I swallowed a Wilson ball!

It took the doctors (yes, I was brought to the hospital right after) around 8-9 hours before my tummy deflated back to normal. The doctors were laughing and couldn't imagine how I could possibly eat all those burgers with my teeny tiny size. Well, I'm hungry! My mouth's gotta nom!


Now I'm pretty sure a lot of you guys get crazy hungry like me! Share your craziest hunger story and you can win GCs from Boulevard Diner!

Boulevard Diner offers the juiciest fat burgers and the yummiest wings! You can go crazy chomping at this place; I know I did. So if you want those GCs, just share your crazy hungry story on the comments area below together with your name and e-mail address. I'll be choosing TWO (2) crazy hungry people! Each one will get Boulevard Diner gift certificates worth Php 600- enough to fill you up! Deadline for stories will be on June 20, Monday so go go go and share! I would love to hear how you went crazy hungry :)


Boulevard Diner is located at 91 Xavierville Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City



  1. I was invited by a close friend in college to eat in a japanese resto last month. Thinking it would be a formal dinner, I wore my black pants and formal polo and before the main dish was served, I had to open my zippers because I cannot breathe anymore. The Japs diners were all looking at me as my friend laughed his heart out watching me forget my manners when the dessert was served. It's really hard to resist delicious food especially when you smell the aroma of the dish being served before you..LOL

  2. My boyfriend and I love food so much!!! One of our hobby is to eat out and literally that would mean a 'PIG-OUT-DAY' for us! Even from the kwek-kwek in the street to posh restos in the metro. Even if that would mean that we have to go in Manila or in the nearby places there.

    Since we have lots of experience already, I would choose the one that I can't forget. That was when we went in one of the food stalls in Eastwood last year. I'm applying for a job then and we didn't have our breakfast yet. That's when I saw this stall that caters eat-all-you-can until 11am for only P150! They really aren't kidding! hahaha.. We dashed inside and I started eating LOTS and LOTTSSSS of food! We started eating around 9am and we were there until 12 since I need to finish everything in my plate or else I need to pay for the remains!

    I successfully finished off what's in my plate (whew!) but because I can hardly move anymore, we prefer not to continue my job hunting. hahaha.. ^^ we went back home here in Pampanga instead. But still, that was a SULIT experience for me! =D I already ate lots of delicious food there in a cheaper budget and I have an additional tissue mark on my collection! (Yes, I collect tissues from restaurant that has mark on it). =D

    Ma. Theresa Montino

  3. oh.. erratum on my email..
    that's :)

  4. Kumain ako ng isang buong family-sized pizza sa loob ng isa't kalahating oras. Lubusan akong nabusog nang tila'y puputok na ang aking tiyan. Iyon lamang po.


  5. This story is not about how a friend and I were super hungry and HAD to 3 days worth of food to compensate but rather, it was just a simple day where we felt like our stomachs were endless pits of doom.

    We were just hanging out after school, walking in the streets (that's how we roll!) when suddenly we passed by THE silog-an place to be (note: silog-an is where they serve anything with sinangag and itlog.

    *I give my friend "the game face stare of invitation"*

    Friend: Game.

    As a ritual, our "appetizers" were at least 7 kwek-kweks each and ate tapsilog with TWO cups of rice and mango shake.

    After which, not more than 10 meters away, the smell of Goto breached our food radars.

    Me: Mukhang panalo yung amoy brad.
    Friend: Parang masarap ng may tokwa't baboy yun ah.

    So, the humongous pigs that we are, we ate goto and tokwa'y baboy across the street. While inside, the smell of barbeque captivated our attention and then we had no choice but to order 3 sticks of barbeque each.

    It was night time by then when we heard... the mangbabalot.

    Me: ALAM NA.

  6. resly george amadorJune 20, 2011 at 11:47 AM

    I think this is the craziest thing we done for Food spending 8k for one sitting. So lucky it was for free, eat till you drop from soup, appetizer, salad, pasta, main dish and final dessert all in full serving. One thing we know that we spent almost 4 hours eating and all the costumer left leaving as last table standing. Lesson learn ubusin ang gc sayang wala silang panukle kahit sasabog na ang tiyan. That was the first time I felt very over super full that the food is almost just above throat. Feeling mo susuka kana pero sayang naman kung di mo kakainin at super sasarap talaga.