Eats So Yummy!

Aside from fasyon fashion, I also get wild and crazy with food. When I got invited to Yummy Magazine's first ever Yummy Eats, I couldn't say no! Imagine, a whole hall full of food, cooking demos, and cute chefs. I'm serious with the cute chefs though, I saw two! Here's their ticket to the whole food-ery- so cute yeah?

I love how they made their ticket like a passbook wherein each booth will put a stamp on your ticket once you've claimed your food sample. That way, you'll know how many booths you need to visit still!


The food booths were situated at the outer circle of the hall. At the middle part is the cooking area where the challenges were held. When we arrived, the Hunt's cooking demo was ongoing. They had sooooo many Hunt's tomato cans on the kitchen demo areas!


We started out at the Sweet Street- the dessert lane!


First stop: Mochiko!

Mochiko is my all-time favorite! It's a mochi ball with FIC (Fruits in Ice Cream) flavors inside. The first time I tried these yummy mochi balls was when we were at Cliffhouse Tagaytay. Very yummy! Be careful on your first bite though, the ball is zero degrees cold!

They gave free Black Sesame and Azuki (Red Bean) mochikos. I like the Black Sesame one better! But I recommend the Green Tea kind. Uber delish!


Next stop: Risa chocolate truffles!


We were given 4 kinds of truffles. I can't remember each one but the one that marked on my tongue is the Malibu Rum truffle. It had a kick, plus a very rich touch of chocolate.


The next booth that we went to is Goodies N' Sweets!


They gave us generous amounts of cut-up brownies with chocolate sauce on top.


I forget the name of this booth, sorry! But they gave sweet and nommy oatmeal cookies. I have got to get the baker's contact details!


This booth had the cutest cupcakes ever! Too bad they didn't give them away as food samples :( I want to get the Despicable Me minion cupcakes and the PVZ ones, too!


Second to the last stop: Starbucks! We got a cutesy mini frappucino. Their servers were very kind!


Our last stop was at the FIC cart! Didn't get to take a photo because we were busy bees, but they were offering their new flavors- Raspberry and Lemon Crumble. I tried Raspberry and it was good! It tasted exactly like the raspberries I had before in NY. I have yet to try the Lemon Crumble. Others said it was good too.

Too bad we didn't complete the whole hall, but I bet the other food samples were as awesome as the one I tried. Hope Yummy Eats is an annual thing! I'd be present in every single event. :)


Many thanks to Fran for our invites!




  1. the food looks nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. my hand was shaky hence the blurry photos, but i can really say the food were nice! and yummooo :)