Louis Vuitton x Sofia Coppola Resort 2012

Who would have thought that Louis Vuitton would get a renowned director for a collection collab! Smart move to get someone from the film industry, Louis.

The Virgin Suicides and Lost In Translation director Sofia Coppola teamed up with designer brand Louis Vuitton for a whole Resort 2012 collection. Sofia Coppola already did a capsule collection for shoes and bags with the said brand, but this collection took her creativity to a whole new level- she co-designed a whole collection!

According to Sofia (yes we are close friends like that lol), she was very happy to be part of this project. She wanted a new wardrobe, and therefore poured all her perfect ideas into the collection. All of Sofia's favorite prints and shapes can be found in this collection's pieces!

For someone from the film industry, Sofia's contribution on the collection are pretty impressive. Vintage chic and contemporary structures were fused together- which I think made the pieces snag-worthy. Heck, I would snag 'em all!


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