Rachel Zoe Resort 11/12

I'm not a big fan of Rachel Zoe's works, but this collection caught my attention!


Rachel Zoe's Resort 2011/2012 rack consists of pieces that can go from day to night. It's more of clothing for the women of "certain" age, but it can also give a touch of sophistication on youthful girls.

What I love about Rachel Zoe's work here is that it can give emphasis on your height/legs. Admit it, it's pretty hard to find pieces that can exaggerate your body's length!


I'm swooning with awe by just browsing through the lookbook! Be amazed too, check out more photos after the jump!



  1. SO NICE! Grabe. And the bag (third picture) is <3<3<3

  2. gusto yong pang 6 na dress start from end...ang bongga with the glitters!

  3. so ferosh diba! :)

  4. i knooooow! i want everything!!!