My guy should wear: Local BKK shirts

I was thinking that I can start posting stuff about not just what I wear/want to wear, but also pieces that I want to see guys wearing!

So while strolling around the wondrous place of Platinum, we spotted a LOT of shirts with witty and funny prints on them. I'm a collar-on-boys kind of girl, but seeing those shirts with attention-grabbing prints and designs... I'll make an exception! Casual shirts can also make guys look good, right?

We bought so much shirts (I think around 55 pieces) because they are all "dope" and "whack". HAHA!


Most of the prints have good quality, albeit some look like they're gonna fade after 2-3 laundry cycles. Nonetheless, I can give an OK sign to the fabric quality. I think the shirts will last for quite some time, I hope!


Among the 55 shirts we got, here are my top picks:

This shirt is so cute! The fabric color and the print matches well. The grudge effect on the print adds more character.


This one is so simple yet funny! I don't know what's wrong with me but tea shirt is ha-ha-ha x999. Oh, and red is a safe color for dudes.


I think I saw this design from somewhere in the internet, but whatevs. It's too cute for words!


I hate and love the print at the same time! I'm a devoted Mac user so this is offensive to my Mac-lovin' heart but it got my attention! I recommend this shirt to the sexy geeks and nerds.


The shirts are priced around THB 120-170 (PHP 170-240). Not bad!! You can find these shirts at the Men's floor of Platinum Mall (the bigger one), Bangkok.



  1. Graphic shirts are great. I love them and can never get enough of them. I should plan a trip to BKK soon.

  2. yes you should! go there for food also. yummeh and super spicy food! :)

  3. ganda!!!!
    shirt fanboy ako..and trip ko talaga mga ganyan style and design

    kala ko meron dito mabibilhan hehehe

  4. sa bangkok sya hehe sana nga dumami mga ganyang shirts dito sa manila!

  5. Hi Trixie! By "bigger Platinum," you mean the new wing that just opened this year or the old one? Thanks! :)

  6. Hello MM! Hmmm I'm not sure if it's the old or new one. The "bigger Platinum" is the one with the foodcourt at the top floor :)