Mischief comes in threes

Four years ago when I still had my long hair, I used to be really really really girly. I looked so dainty with my mermaid-ish hair, which honestly make me look a bit older (plus the granny dresses I used to sport). When I chopped off my hair to a bob, I also chucked out the dainty style and patronized a spunky and edgier vibe to match my hair. Those styles have been in my closet ever since. That's why when I shop for clothes, I always pick the ones that are... out there.

Lately, I've been addicted to saturated colors and monochromatic tones. I have this whole idea in my head that I can't translate into a really nifty mood board. I went to different shops to look for the pieces that I've been putting together in my mind. Thought I was gonna give up but I came across Maldita's latest collection, and they have just what I want!

Maldita has a wide range of pieces that are just so chic and wearable. They have 3 lines - Maldita, Maldita Menor, and Maldita Man. I saw a lot of clothes displayed on their racks that are very lovely, and perfect for any type of style!

I like this cutout dress from Maldita Menor. Menor is Maldita's brand for teenagers. This piece feels a bit dark and spunky, but the cut of the dress adds a cutie patootie touch.


Maxi dresses are all the rage right now, so this leopard maxi is just right on time. I wore a gray button shirt over it for a safari feel, and threw it a bit of color.


Wearing a peek-a-boo knit sweater with a pair of paperbag trousers makes masculinity have a soft appearance, yeah? I like this combination since it shows a bit more skin but has a boyish feel to it. Plus, the trousers are very comfy!


Maldita has a lot of stuff that are closet must-haves. I'd definitely go back to their store to hoard more, and also check out their mensline. I saw a few and they are definitely strut stuff. Must get for the boy!!

If you want to know more about Maldita, visit their site, follow them on Twitter, and like them on Facebook!

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