I've been MIA since last week due to piled up e-mails, decks waiting to be finished, primers begging to be done, and schedules asking to be planned out. My MIA phase will probably continue until the end of this week, because since last weekend the Nuffies from Australia are here in MNL! We've been very busy doing work during daylight and going out and about when the sun sets down.

Yesterday, I tagged Lynda and Kruppy (the two AU Nuffies) along to the Blogger of the Month guesting of Nikki on The Wake Up Show at Mellow 94.7. We got stuck in really bad traffic (the Aussies witnessed my crazy style of driving) and barely made it to the show slot. Nonetheless, everyone was such a trooper to run up to the station quickly.

Nikki in front, Lynda and Kruppy at the back

The three of them were awesome on radio! Wish Kruppy said "Crikey!" on air lol :) Kruppy reminds me so much of the movie, 127 Hours. When I see him, it's like he's gonna climb a big rock and drink a bottle of pee.

Both Lynda and Kruppy are still here in the city so if you guys have any suggestions on where we should take them, leave a gracious comment or tweet me! I'd appreciate it very much :)

BRB we're off to the neighboring city!



  1. Thanks to your bonggang driving skill and for stepping on the gas while I help you honk! LOL We made it!!!! :) Thanks to Nuffnang PH for the chance! Bongga pang famas yan ah! :) It was great meeting the 2!

  2. I KNOW!!! Intense driving para umabot!!! No.... thank YOU! :D