Donuts give me hope

The last time I ever visited Cello's was two months after February 14 of 2009. I was up so early because I had to prepare a small surprise for my then-friend's birthday. I was planning to pick up some of my friend's favorite food and deliver it to my friend's house. The night before, I called up the places wherein I'll be picking up my orders. Everything went smoothly until when I was on my way to my last stop, they were just opening and I had to wait for 30 minutes for them to make what I ordered. I just said "No thanks!" and drove like a headless chicken. I didn't know where to get a replacement! So I just decided to go straight to my friend's house and bring an incomplete surprise. My friend would never know anyways.

While I was driving, I passed by Taft and saw Cello's and a few students going inside. I quickly remembered, they have alphabet-shaped donuts!!! I immediately pulled over, and got a dozen with annoyingly cute sprinkles. I thought I was gonna go dessert-less! Good thing I spotted Cello's along the way. :)

My next encounter with Cello's was just a few days ago, when Jel harrassed me via emails, SMS, and event attendance but gave me a whole box of donuts in return. She instantly cured my craving for chocolate cake! Well, it was just a chocolate dipped donut but close enough!

It's the last day of the week and I think I still have one donut left. I'll grab the last piece and enjoy the weekend! Hope you have a blast tonight; it's FRIDAY!



  1. wow, ang tagal ko nang hindi kinain yan!!! Pahingi!!!!!

  2. Ako din!! Punta ka dito, last bite na :)

  3. couldn't describe it any better lol! :P