Welcome online, Ferretti!

Today's a handful of firsts! First day of September and the start of the -ber months, which means you can all start doing a holiday countdown! Also, today marks the first day of Ferretti on the online world. Ferretti deserves a big big cyber hug! :)

Ferretti now has an online store that brings all the brand's latest shoe collection (and even accessories) closer to you, without stepping out of your comfort zone!

You can freely browse and see Ferretti's different shoe styles, and even see the specs of each pair. What's awesome is that Ferretti is offering FREE SHIPPING NATIONWIDE! If you didn't catch the emphasis on the FREE SHIPPING, I will pinch you.

I was so overwhelmed with their lookbook, I can't help but drool on some of their pairs! Here are my top picks and most probably will-buy pieces:

Printed Asymmetrical Flats - looks like cute animal print from afar, and the structure just draws attention.

Peeptoe Oxfords - a new take on Oxford style!

Vintage Loafer Wedges - this pair would go really well with most of my dark jeans.

Lovely Suede Wedge with Ankle Straps - oh holy cow this baby is love at first sight! It's begging me to purchase a pair!

You can now start shopping for chic shoes and stylish accessories at the Ferretti Online Store!

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