Wellingtons for the wild weather

If you live in the tropics, near the sea, or within Southeast Asia, you probably experience stormy or rainy weather like it's a normal thing. You only know two seasons - dry and wet. Since it's September in the PHL right now (and duh everywhere else), we're already following the wet calendar. Just yesterday, a big big typhoon went pass the archipelago, leaving so much rubble in the Metro. The typhoon was more of windy than rainy, thank the holy cows. I wouldn't want to experience Water World again, I don't live in Universal Studios!!

So if ever I (or you) need to tread through floodwater (gosh I hope this will never happen!), here's a stylish way to combat icky water..

WELLINGTONS!!! Well, most people call them rain boots.

I'm planning to get one, but not entirely sure what style. Here are some of the rain boots that I'm lemming to grab:


Charlotte Russe Zebra Print - I'm a sucker for animal prints. It looks like Plueys but they don't have zebra print. Sad.

Michael Kors Stormy Rubber Boots - very equestrienne, and classy!

Hunter Festival Tall Wellingtons - this can serve as a reminder that you need to keep a happy disposition despite the gloomy weather, and an indication to other people that there's someone walking on the street with bright neon orange boots.

Target x Missoni - just because it's Target x Missoni.

Loeffler Randall Zip Boot - I like this one for its minimalistic vibe. So chic!!


J Crew Weatherby - it's so cute, right?


Kamik Women's Olivia Rain Boot - this reminds me of Paddington Bear and William's Wish Wellingtons!


Hello Kitty Punk - who doesn't love Hello Kitty? and PINK????? I WANT THIS ONE!


Are you thinking of getting wellingtons too?


  1. I want the yellow wellies! *grabby hands* Is it sold locally? I already have a pair (Catstooth Plueys) but I want moar! HEEHEE. :P

  2. Apparently, they're not sold here huhu :'(

  3. I so totally get you. I had a hard time choosing the first pair of rainboots I got because there are so many cute designs! I like the Michael Kors one. It'll go with anything! But omg the hello kitty one is cute as well. :)