Hello Kitty x Forever 21

Every little girl's favorite character is Hello Kitty (or at least one of the favorites) and I bet she's one of your favorites, too! Even though we're all big girls now, we still love the cutie kitty cat and her pretty red bow. Forever 21 loves Hello Kitty too! Since being 21 forever is about being young at heart (forevaaaah!), they incorporated Hello Kitty on some of their pieces!

Don't you just love how it looks so playful and chic at the same time?


I'm eyeing on those leopard printed shoes! The fringe black top with gold Hello Kitty print suits well with the patent shorts.




I wanna grab them all and take it home! I'm not sure if these pieces are already available here in the PHL (calling Jane Cheng!). If not, then I hope I see them on the racks by November18!

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