It's A Date! - Part 3

A few days to go before the love month comes! Whew, time flies so fast. Do you already have a plan to spice up your Valentine weekend? If not, I have something just for you!

Perfect events, an events company founded by a group of young alumni from De La Salle University which has already staged several concerts, parties and movie screenings will host another upcoming event, “It’s a date 3” speed dating. Speed dating event is a formalized matchmaking process or dating system whose purpose is to encourage people to meet a large number of new people in a fun and risk free way. This event has been popularized in the United States and has been portrayed in shows and movies like Sex and the City and also Valentine.

Most of the singles nowadays are just as busy enough for such things as love, but why not try one of the trends, which is Speed Dating.

“IT’S A DATE 3 ”, Speed Dating Event.  This will be held at CafĂ© Publico, Promenade Greenhills on February 4, 2012 ( Filipino-Chinese) February 11, 2012 ( Mixed group of yuppies ) 8pm-11pm.


Female: 21-27

Male: 25-35


How does it work?

Participants will be paired up for several minutes before moving on to meet with the next participant. They will rate how much they liked a particular person they met on a notecard.

At the end of the session, The organizers will see which couples shared a mutual attraction or compatibility based on the notecards Compatible couples can be given each other's contact information so they can arrange romantic dates.


How to join? Simply email us at, and you will receive an application form for the event.


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