Best Food Forward!

I was lucky enough to experience a mouth-satiating event called Best Food Forward, where I discovered good stuff to put on your dining table when you have people over your house, or you're just simply hungry to the nth level. Best Food Forward is going to be open for the public on March 24-25 at NBC Tent. Lucky for us bloggers, we get first dibs of what grubs are going to be there!

Okay, I won't spoil you with what's going to happen at Best Food Forward, but I'll spill which food you shouldn't miss.



If you happen to be a Harry Potter fan, you must know this drink by heart! Its sweet and yummy flavor will keep you coming back for another glass. Good news, Butterbeer is available in alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions so that HP fans below drinking age can have their share.

How does Butterbeer taste like? It's like... Peter's Butterball in liquid form with a generous serving of whipped cream. Mmmmm.


Mini Pies and Quiches

Simply Pie has so much to offer: mini quiches, spinach feta sundried tomatoes quiche, chicken dijon pies, etc. I tried their Spinach, Feta, and Sundried Tomatoes Quiche and I must say that it's something you can chew during tea time.


Chicken Wings

I've tried Manang's a couple of times at Mercato. If you know me too well, my heart belongs SOLELY to Boulevard Diner when it comes to wings. Manang's is a close second, getting my vote for their soy garlic flavor.



The Fruit Garden offers a variety of jams that you can snack on during work hours.. or right after you eat Simply Pie quiches.


High Fiber Pizza

Pizza lovers can enjoy more options with Quantum Cafe! Quantum Cafe offers whole wheat high fiber pizza, of course with yummy toppings. I specifically love the one with Longganisa!


Crunchy Pork Belly

There are no words for this one. This is like.. perfection to the nth level. If you marry bacon and chicharon, crunch pork belly is going to be their awesome baby!



It's amazing how some people still make chocolate through the traditional way - a batirol!

Yup, Choco ATBP makes chocolate tablea-covered brownies, suman, and cupcakes. Their chocolate really has that ol' cacao kick, so make sure you get a bite!


Homemade Ice Cream

PINT Homemade Ice Cream is made by two cute sisters who have a knack for creating delicious ice cream. I tried their Roasted Pistachio and Chocolate Cookie Dough. Both of them are oh-so-divine!  I have yet to try the other flavors, bet they're good too.


Chocolate Mousse Cake

I'm a chocolate person since my mom brought me in this world. Along with the other bloggers who attended Best Food Forward, we can totally say that the Casa San Luis Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake should be given an #AWARD - THE CHOCOLATE MOUSSE CAKE OF LIFE! I hope Thei orders me this cake for my birthday *hint*.


With some of the bloggers during nom time!


For more information on Best Food Forward, please contact 09178871933, 2119644, or


  1. is this the same style as mercato?

  2. that's a lot of yum yum and I'm feeling fat for having desserts for 2 straight days thanks to KKFF this month :D

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