Rejuvenation at Facial Care Centre

One of the things that I'm scared of is.. facial treatment! I survived puberty by washing my face with normal facial wash by day, and just water by night. I've had one facial treatment, but that was against my will. That was when I had a rash on my face, and the dermatologist did some dreadful procedure that made me not want to do any hulabaloo on my face anymore.

After a few years (and a good friend's text message), I decided to go out to the world and face my fear! Yes, I did some facial treatments with Marie France's chapter for facial needs, the Facial Care Centre.

When I got to the clinic, Bea and NJ greeted me- and found Jheng there too! I was surprised to see a lot of familiar bloggers.

I was escorted to a small room, where Dr. Shyla evaluated my skin type and recommended the perfect package for me - Skin Indulgence! So off I went to my private room...


where I found pretty things!


They even gave me a personalized robe and fluffy slippers. It has my name on it! Awesome!


The first thing that they did to my face is the usual cleansing and extraction. Then, the VitaSpa - a cleansing facial with the soothing and pampering feeling of a spa. VitaSpa infuses the skin with high concentrations of vitamins needed to effectively moisture and protect. After the VitaSpa, the nurse took out some sort of defibrillator (which made me jump out of the bed!). Apparently, it was a device used for Skin Tone Re-Energizer - a treatment like mini-facelift! It strengthens the muscles in the face and neck, improves contours and tightens the skin immediately. True enough, it did make my skin tight! My face was so soft!


I've never had such a great experience - definitely no more fear of facials! As I told NJ, I am now a Facial Care Centre convert! Although I don't have acne breakouts, I still need to have my skin pampered and taken care of every now and then. Good thing Facial Care Centre is there to do all that for me, without the pain! If you're scared of facials (like me), or a facial freak, do drop by Facial Care Centre and make your skin feel like royalty.

Thank you so much NJ and Bea, see you again for the next procedure that I want - laser hair removal!


Facial Care Centre's latest branch is in Eastwood City (30/F Unit C, MDC Building, E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue corner Eastwood Avenue, Bagumbayan, Quezon City)



  1. Thanks dear!! :) Let me know when you decide to do laser hair removal.  ;) See you soooooon :)

  2. Me and my mom also go to FCC in Makati! :p Unfortunately I wasn't able to go there during my term break :( Need some faciaaaaaal na!

  3. Yes, very soon! You know when ;) Thank you so much darling