Eight Fears

Eight things that I will forever fear:

8. LOSING MORE WEIGHT - I've been trying to gain as much weight as possible; so whenever someone tells me that I look thinner than usual, I start to freak out and binge to the max. It scares me that I might end up looking like some scary anorexic, so I really try hard to get fat.

7. OPEN WATER - I can swim for miles but heck, I can't stand open water! Whenever I see darkness under water, I panic .. and turn into some doofus who can't paddle to the surface. I guess what really freaks me out is that I don't know what's down there, and I start imagining that a shark is out to get me

6. PARANORMAL EXPERIENCES - Spooky ghosts and the like are just not my thing. I had my fair share of "spiritual encounters" and I think that's enough for me, thank you.

5. NEAR-DEATH MOMENT - Death doesn't scare me, really. What scares me the most is that moment before you die- or at least you think that you're about to die. Like, an accident for example. You don't know if you'll survive or die. All you can feel is intense pain and suffering. All you know is that you're not sure if you'll make it alive or just slip away to afterlife.

4. NEGATIVITY - I'm a very very pessimistic possum so once the negative vibes come in, everything just goes downhill. I try my best to avoid these things, although they try to invade every single day!

3. LOSING A LOVED ONE - Everyone knows this and will agree with me - every person in this world fears to lose their loved ones. Maybe to death, maybe to someone else.

2. HEARTBREAK - Cheesy as it may sound, I fear heartbreaks. They make me hate every waking day. Heartbreaks make me question my being, and my capability to love. (LOVE TALAGA???) Sure, heartbreaks come once in a while. It makes me feel that I'm a human being - shattered one moment, whole again after.

1. FLYING COCKROACHES - After divulging serious fears, I am going to say my final, most important, and yet most ridiculous fear. Yep, I'm afraid of flying cockroaches. Not the ordinary crawling ones, the kind that hovers in the atmosphere and has the ability to land ANYWHERE. Good thing our place is very clean and free from flying cockroaches. This fear came to me when I had a close encounter - we were staying at a provincial house, and I was hanging out at the terrace. I was enjoying the evening breeze, until I felt something heavy on my hair. I thought it was just the wind. So silly me felt like a movie star and combed my hand through my hair. Suddenly, a cockroach crawled to my hand and hovered over my head for 5 good minutes. I didn't know what to do! That was the longest five minutes of my life - and the last five minutes of that creepy helicopter cockroach.

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