Ten Secrets

I came across my friend Lalaine's blog and saw this 10-Day You Challenge. I wanted to do something like this just in time for Holy Week! You know, self reflection and all that. You might want to try this yourself!

Starting off with Day 1, here are my 10 secrets that I can safely say out loud:

10. When I want quiet time, I just put on earphones and don't listen to anything. I just have them on my ears. (It's plugged on a gadget, of course!)

9. When I was a toddler, I fell off the window. I got a huge slit on my right eye; and the first medication I got was ice.... inside a used and smelly sock.

8. I used to have this huge crush on one of my close friends. I'd willingly stay late in school just to see and be him.

7. Speaking of crushes, I also have this huge crush on one of my friend's boyfriend. I wish they split up soon.. NOT! Just kidding.

6. Eto pa, huling hirit! People would always think that I'm loyal to the male group, but I had a teeny-tiny like/crush phase on a girl before. She was very nice and pretty. Too bad she's not.. a boy.

5. I HATE Dinuguan. I hate the smell and how it looks like! Okay for those who aren't from the Philippines, Dinuguan is pork blood stew. I don't want to post a photo of it! Just Google it and see for yourself.

4. This isn't a secret to a lot of people- but I'll let it out. I don't like bananas. The smell is disgusting. If I need Potassium, I rely on tablets.

3. I fall asleep easily. If you let me lie down on the bed for a minute or two, I'm off to dreamland. Yep, that fast.

2. I secretly have a thing for guys who have a nice set of chest and arms.

1. I'm a very sensual person. :)

There you go! If you're daring enough, share your secret with me! Don't worry, I'll keep it safe.

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