You Make Me Happy

One question pops inside my head every time you make me feel happy, “What sorcery did I do to deserve this?”. Maybe it has something to do with Ed Lapiz’s theory of why good things happen to bad people. Until today, I still have no idea what heavenly act I’ve done to genuinely deserve this, you know, you making me happy.

If you don’t know. I’m telling you now: You make me happy.
I can repeat it 999 times without getting tired or stopping for a gasp of air.  I can say it all over until you understand the meaning of it, and fully grasp the idea. I can have it on display on billboards along the spacious avenue that you pass by every day. If you still don’t get it, let me expound in words that I know of:

You make me happy, like how food makes me happy. Or even better than that! Like when you haven’t had your first meal on a busy day and you decided to go at a McDonald’s drive-thru at 4 in the afternoon to chow down five Big Macs. Like how you feel so drunk and you want to eat local barbecue at 3am, and you actually finish four plates of it.

You make me activate my girly hormones. You make me very giddy inside, like the Teletubbies are taking over my brain. Zac Efron makes me scream like a 12-year-old Bieber fan, but you make me scream like Michael Jackson fans - worldwide combined. Even on a very bad day, I will just think of you for a bit and I actually will swoon over you. Not kidding.

You make me melt like ice cream. Whenever you stare at me with your lovely eyes, I want to look back but you just make me feel so weak inside. So I just look away and smile – like I always do.

You make me so alive, like a zombie that was brought back to life. Like an electric current passing through my veins. Like a papercut that hurts like hell. Like every breath you freely make on Earth. Or all of that combined.

If my words aren’t enough for you to realize that you’re giving me the greatest feeling in the world, then I guess I have to do something. Give you a big hug, smother you with kisses – I don’t really know.

Or maybe you need to actually feel it - I’ll make you very happy too.

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