The Next Step

People always have a hard time in making decisions - I guess that's because we have the liberty to choose whatever pleases us. There is no one there to whisper to our ears and dictate what we should do. We need to decide for ourselves the path that we should take - whether it's the right one or the hard one. Most of the time, both are just the same. We often mistake the decision making part as the toughest. Deciding what or what not to do is hard enough for our brains to process, really.

But if you think about it, making a decision is pretty easy. It's what comes after it that makes the whole process harder for the most of us. You take the next step. Because after deciding what to do, you ask yourself.. "and then what?". Crossing the border between yes or no, stay or go, is hard enough as it is. What you do after you take sides is another hurdle to overcome. This goes well with just about everything - school, love, career, life.

Once, a good friend of mine gave me such wonderful advice - so powerful yet simple, enough to keep things in my life proper and at peace. I wanted to say yes to every bit of what she said. It was definitely the right thing to do. Thing is, it was also the hardest. I thought to myself, if putting my foot down on that decision would make my life easier, then I should do it. Although making that decision would mean I have to take away some things in my life that I have developed as a habit. Pushing through with that decision will put everything into place, but it surely would make me feel like a hamburger smashed into pieces.

I have decided and that's how far I've gotten. I've placed my foot down. Right now, I've crossed the line of making a decision. I've decided; I'll make sure that I deserve the best.

Now, what's next?

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