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While a lot of people are into skin care, I am most definitely OC with taking care of my hair. People always give me this surprised look when I tell them that - well, because I have short hair. Mostly everyone knows that short hair means minimal maintenance, but they are so wrong! It's actually hard to take care of short hair because it can get very tough to manage. It's hard to style it! I believe that short hair needs more attention, and thankfully I have enough patience for my locks. Also, I have enough Finesse to keep it soft and smooth!

Finesse has a wide range of products that helps you keep your hair beautiful every day. I use their Extra Control Mousse for times that I want to style my bob in different ways. It's a makeover every time I put it on! Looks like I went to the salon to have it styled, actually. All thanks to Finesse.

If you want to experience consistently beautiful hair, Finesse is having their I'll Take Care of You make over tour in over 30 stops around the metro. They do hair washing and styling, and take photos of you like a celebrity with dashing hair! So exciting, right? What's great is that if you participate at the makeover tour and get a chance to win a Macbook Air, an iPad, and a Samsung Galaxy Note. If you want more information on this, visit

But wait, there's more! Finesse is giving away 24 gift packs via Rafflecopter! You will also get a chance to win a Samsung SIII! Join now! Promo runs until December 14, and the winner will be announced during Finesse's big event on January 12, 2013 at the New Glorietta Activity Center.

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