Good ice cream from the Chinese

A few months back I got an invite from some friends to try out a new restaurant in one of the side streets of Wilson in San Juan. Upon hearing the name "Chow Fun" and "Chinese food", I assumed we would be eating platefuls of dimsum and meat with a kick of quirk mixed in the recipes.

I was right with the quirky recipes.

We were able to try dishes that aren't usually served in typical Chinese restaurants, but one bite made us say, "Mmm yeah, this is kinda Chinese and kinda something else..". We got hefty servings of their prized dishes like the duck rolls, fondue (which they call fun-due), sour caramel pork, birthday noodles, fried duck rice, beer chicken, pata tim, scrambled prawns, coffee beef stew, and chicken fry.

All of them deserved a thumbs up, although I'm really not a big fan of the coffee beef stew. It was good; the meat was tender! But I would rather have coffee in a cup than in a boiling pot of stew.

Aside from all the interesting meals on their menu, the one that really caught my eye (and hunger pangs) was their ice cream. They served unique flavors! Plus, they're all homemade. We were able to try all three - sweet plum, lychee with coconut, and white chocolate with roasted rice. The sweet plum was so so, but the lychee with coconut and white chocolate with roasted rice were both really yummy! I would normally taste lychee in sherbet but never in velvety ice cream. Their lychee with coconut ice cream was smooth and very refreshing. The coconut bits really complimented the syrupy taste of lychee.

As for the white chocolate with roasted rice ice cream, that mix was awesome - I kid you not. The roasted rice hiding under the thick white chocolate ice cream was a very good mix.

To be honest, I've visited Chow Fun a lot of times just to take out their ice cream! If you're just around San Juan, try giving Chow Fun a visit and order their signature homemade ice cream. I'm very (yes, very!) sure that you'll like it too!

Chow Fun is located at J. Abad Santos, Little Baguio, San Juan.
Tel. No: (02) 624 1009

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