The One Who Can't Take A Hint

So a lot of people have written about ‘The Ones’ in their lives – the one you love, the one that got away, the one you can’t be with, and all the other ‘The Ones’ you can think of. But let me write about another ‘The One’ that barely gets recognized. I’m pretty sure everyone has already had this one. You know, The One who can’t take a hint.

Agree with me on this: There was a certain period in your life where you hoped for someone you can cuddle with. Thinking that you will meet a person you will like, life gives you someone that you will instantly say no to. While slowly walking away from that someone, that person just bothers you instead like a mad bee wanting to sting a healthy person so bad. Bad analogy, but I think it’s a good description for the one who can’t take a hint.

No matter how many times you repeat yourself and say “Hey, you know what? It’s never going to happen!”, they won’t just take no for an answer. The word “No!” doesn’t seem to penetrate through their ears. Don’t you just hate that? You know, that person miraculously trying to turn a NO into a YES with crazy gestures and silly things. Well, it does happen in the movies. But I don’t think it’s the same in real life - unless you like being surrounded with people who are tiptoeing on the border between being persistent and being a hardcore stalker.

I guess The One Who Can’t Take A Hint has so much persistence in his (or her) mind, body, and soul that even though you made it clear (for the nth time) that it just can’t be, they will push things up to the edge just to defy what you said. They are so determined to prove to the world, and to you, that they’re the right person for you. That they can make a relationship happen between you two. That instead of him being The One Who Can’t Take A Hint, he’ll be The One You Love Forever.

I don’t care if you’re the coolest person on Earth, or you think you’re some really neat celebrity who's  super full of himself, it’ll just never ever be. You’ll never be promoted to The Ultimate One. Dude, just… no. Never. Not now. Not ever.

But what the heck, you won’t digest all that I’ve said because – well, you just can’t take a hint. But I really hope you do.

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