Two Cents Thursdays: Quitting

As most of us would prefer and do, we'd quit before things turn bad. We tend to assume that it'll always be rainbows and cupcakes, that love should start out as something amazing and stay that way. When the butterflies are gone and arguments start to double in number, cutting the cord becomes appealing. Instead of fighting for the important person in our lives, we let them slip away. In a snap. Just like that.

People enter relationships thinking that it's just about falling in love. We think that after letting your heart beat for a certain person, everything will sail smoothly. But it doesn't work that way.

Relationships need effort (on top of love) in order for it to work. It's sort of a short-term/long-term thing wherein you need to work hard for it everyday in order for it to last long. A quite vague explanation but I hope you get the point. People usually give up once they see the big demand for maintenance and hard work that they need to invest in a relationship. They're scared of dealing with arguments, facing compromises, and overcoming a truckload of challenges.

Let's face it - there's no perfect fairytale relationship. That will never happen; but it doesn't mean that it'll just be bad the whole time. Why give up because of a small fight when you have big reasons to stay and be with the person you're in love with?

It's tough to stay strong and try to eliminate relationship muddles. If you quit before you fix, you might just be giving away your chance of spending extraordinary moments and crazy adventures with someone really great - and someone who loves you more.

* image from Mukti Echwantono

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