Retail Of The Moment: Invisible Shoes by Andreia Chaves

Some designers are already set for the futuristic 2011... like the brilliant Brazilian designer Andreia Chaves!

The net-famous Invisible Shoes crafted by Andreai Chaves is now going into production! These future fabulous shoes will be available to take home this January 2011 in Europe and Asia.

The Invisible Shoe takes form of a low-cut wedge bootie, having a multi-faceted mirror surface. The shoe blends in with the environment, creating an obscure optical effect while walking. It's chameleon effect is so fashion forward!

Additional to the Invisible Shoes, Andreia Chaves has another creation on the works- the Naked Shoes!

The concept is pretty much half-new half-done, considering that caged boots were already out in the market this year. The Naked Shoes are caged booties with actual heeled nude shoes inside. The structure is also same as the Invisible Shoes, except that this one is "nekkid".

I'd still purchase the Invisible Shoes in a heartbeat! Oh January 2011, I cannot wait!!